Watch John Giles, Liam Brady and Eamon Dunphy analyse the Republic of Ireland's 1-0 victory over Georgia at Aviva Stadium with Darragh Maloney.

The panel were delighted by Ireland's victory, which sets up the possibility that the team will qualify automatically for Euro 2016, but differed in their view of how the next two fixtures will go.

Dunphy was particularly pleased with Hendrick's skillful match-turning contribution, and Martin O'Neill's reference to Ireland having a 'club ethos'. 

"If you get more players in your team thinking for themselves, not going with the flow, not being afraid to try things, then you’re talking a team," said Dunphy.

"Martin mentioned there is a club ethos. Well in a club ethos, you don’t blaim guys for trying things. They mightn’t come off all the time. That was just a brilliant piece of invention, which changed our whole picture for this group, and I think that’s wonderful.”

Looking ahead, the panel disagreed about Ireland's prospects. 

Brady said: "The standard of player Germany have got, I don’t think we can beat them. We might just get another point. I’ll be hopeful Poland do another favour in Scotland. I wouldn’t get carried away. Things looked very black a while ago and nobody gave us a chance.”

Giles agreed, commenting: “I wouldn’t get carried away. Things looked very black a while ago and nobody gave us a chance.”

But Dunphy believes Ireland can get a result against Germany in their next fixture on 8 October and against Poland three days later with German players such as Bastian Schweinsteiger of Manchester United and Emre Can of Liverpool struggling to get game-time with their English clubs.

Dunphy said: "We can beat Germany. Germany are poor. They have players who can’t get in Premier League teams: Schweinsteiger, Emre Can. We have to believe that. We have to stop talking ourselves down.”

He added: "I think we can get a result in Poland if we need it. We drew with them in a friendly [in 2013], they’re no big deal. I said in this studio in June that I thought we could qualify. I never stopped believing."