Football Association of Ireland chief executive John Delaney has said Fifa president Sepp Blatter should step aside and that the FAI will not be voting for his re-election in Friday's presidential election.

Blatter appears favourite to win a fifth term when he runs against Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein of Jordan.

However, BBC Sport reports that Delaney has said that Blatter needs to step down because of Fifa's bad image.

"Regardless of the good he claims to have done during his tenure, he has to recognise that Fifa has an incredibly bad brand image," Delaney told BBC Sport.

"We won't be voting for him."

Delaney is reported to have said that the FAI would follow the English FA and their Scottish counterparts in backing Blatter’s rival.

“Blatter has had a hell of a run at it,” he said.

"But surely he knows, in his private moments, he must know, that outside of the voting chambers, that the world, the football public, the players and supporters, want change.

"I have no problems telling anybody, telling the world now, that we will not be voting for Sepp Blatter.”