Celtic striker John Guidetti has been charged by the Scottish Football Association with singing an allegedly "offensive" song about the demise of Old Firm rivals Rangers.

The on-loan Manchester City hitman has been issued with a notice of complaint after giving an interview to Dutch TV show FC Rijnmond.

In it, he repeats a chant sung about him by the Hoops support: "Oh John Guidetti, puts the ball in the net-y, he's a Super Swede and the huns are deid, walking in Guidetti wonderland."

Followers of Rangers claim the term "hun" is a sectarian slur - although supporters of other clubs oppose that viewpoint.

SFA compliance officer Tony McGlennan has accused the 22-year-old Swede of breaching disciplinary rule 73, stating that "on or around 6 March, 2015, you did in the course of an interview given to the Dutch Television Programme FC Rijnmond, make comment of an offensive nature".

Guidetti has until 3pm on Monday, 30 March, to respond to the complaint. A principal hearing date has been set for Thursday 9 April.

A Celtic spokesman responded to the charge by saying: "We are very surprised and disappointed that this has even found its way to an SFA judicial panel. John Guidetti will be defending this charge."

Meanwhile, Celtic have been fined just under £10,000 by UEFA following the misbehaviour of both their players and fans during last month's Europa League clash with Inter Milan.

The Hoops have been ordered to pay €8,000 after collecting five or more cautions during the 1-0 defeat to the Italians at San Siro.

They were also hit with a further €5,000 punishment after travelling supporters set off flares during the Round of 32 fixture, which saw the Scottish champions crash out after a 4-3 aggregate defeat.