Eamon Dunphy has admitted that he would rather watch an international rugby match than an English Premier League game, due to poor quality of referees in football.

The RTÉ analyst believes that too much cheating goes on on the football pitch and that referees and the authorities are letting players get away with it, something that does not happen on a rugby pitch.

Speaking to RTÉ Sport, Dunphy said: “I would rather watch, and did watch last weekend, a rugby international than a Premier League match.

“And one of the reasons is, although it is a difficult game to referee, the referees have real authority.

“Platini is an idiot; there’s no other word for Platini. He was a player, an international player, a great player, well sort of" - Dunphy

“Look at the difference between those rugby union referees and the soccer referees; they’re a different calibre of human being in my opinion. And the rugby league referees, if you so much as look at them funny, you’re gone. That’s the way it should be.”

And the former Millwall player believes that the problems go all the way to the top and he is convinced that the UEFA president Michel Platini needs to lead by example when it comes to embracing the technology that is available and widely used across other sports to help officiate games.

“Platini is an idiot; there’s no other word for Platini. He was a player, an international player, a great player, well sort of. But basically, he’s against this [technology].

“But what all the other sports have demonstrated is, that you can have this technology, it can deliver justice instantaneously and the longer cheating becomes embedded in the culture of soccer and it is embedded now, then the worse it will get.

“Then it filters down to schoolboy football and the kids are doing this now. They watch their idols at the weekend and they see it happening and see people getting away with it, so they are going to do it. It’s a cancer in the culture of soccer.

“The people who run soccer across the world range from crooks to muppets. That sounds funny, but it’s actually true.”

Although Dunphy criticises the Premier League for not taking retrospective action, there have been occasions where bans have been handed out when incriminating evidence has been unearthed, which the referee did not see or fail to include in his report.

But Dunphy believes that there is still a huge failure by the referees and authorities to impose proper justice on the many moments of cheating taking place on the pitch, which is leading to a form of anarchy in the game.

“The anarchy that’s grown in the game now, because of the failure on the one hand of the referees and the authorities to impose justice, that is to get things right, and the anarchy that ensues from when players know they can get away with cheating. And if they are convincing enough, they’ll get away with it most of the time.

“The game is a mess. They won’t bring in video evidence; they won’t bring in retrospective justice. In other words, if someone does something wrong, on a Monday morning, you nail them.

“They won’t ensure that justice prevails on a football pitch. That robs the fans of their enjoyment and it robs the players of their justice and it encourages those who want to cheat and do the wrong thing to cheat and do the wrong thing and then it becomes an epidemic."

Dunphy also had time to pass judgement on the current Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal.

“I said the jury was out on him; I think the jury is coming in. The verdict is ‘guilty of being a spoofer’.” 

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