The Gibraltar FA has reportedly confirmed that it is considering whether or not to move its three home Euro 2016 qualifications games next year, including the game with the Republic of Ireland.

Gibraltar have been forced to play their Euro 2016 qualification games outside of their country as work continues on a new 10,000 seater stadium that is due to be completed in 2016.

The UEFA newcomers played their first ‘home’ game of the campaign in Faro, Portugal last month but they were significant organisational issues during their 7-0 defeat to Poland. Just 2,000 people attended, and there were problems with a new security firm.

Tax issues in Portugal have also proven to be problematic for the Gibraltar FA . Their president Desmond Reoch said that talks on a potential move are ongoing and that a switch to a venue in London is under consideration for his country’s games with Ireland, Scotland and Germany.

Reoch was quoted in the Irish Times as saying: "We’re considering the situation and we’re hoping to make a decision on it very soon."

"There are a number of tax issues that have come up and then some fans weren’t happy because the security firm we hired were a little overzealous and so long queues formed but no decision has been made yet; we hope to have one well before Christmas."