By Padraic Ryan

RTÉ’s soccer panel have given a newly married couple a special wedding present, in the form of an analysis of their match.

In a video organised by Julie-Ann Coleman for her wedding with David Jones, Bill O’Herlihy, John Giles, Liam Brady and Eamon Dunphy analyse what, in O’Herlihy’s words is the wedding equivalent of “the World Cup Final”.

Deadpan throughout, the panel analysed whether the match is right for both of them.

Brady reckoned that David was “taking a big chance”, but “it might be a risk worth taking”.

Dunphy said that, “not for the first time, I disagree with Liam. She’s a smasher, Julie-Ann, an absolute smasher. I’m not sure about that boy, though. We know what they’re like, and he’s one of the worst.”

Dunphy wondered whether David could be controlled. “I’ve seen him out on the town at night, and believe me, baby, when I’m out on the town at night, I’ve seen things.”

Giles said that the more he heard about David being a fan of the panel, the more he felt that he was a good match for Julie-Ann.

“It stands him in good stead that he actually is a fan of the panel,” Giles said. “I hope she is a fan of the panel, as well, because if she isn’t, the marriage mightn’t last that long.”