FIFA president Sepp Blatter has said that Brazil's World Cup problems are under control as preparations entered the final straight.

Blatter said in a message today for the 100-day countdown to the tournament, which has been tainted by concerns about unfinished stadiums, will be a "great success."

"One hundred days, it’s a long way to go. It’s a short way to go if there are still problems but now all problems are under control," said Blatter.

The FIFA president added that he was sure the tournament, which starts 12 June, would be "an exceptional competition."

Brazil is racing to get at least three of the 12 stadiums ready on time and an accident which killed two workers overshadowed preparations in Sao Paulo.

Blatter said Brazil's history as one of the most successful and innovatory football nations meant the World Cup will be a triumph.

While England "invented" the sport, Brazil had "shown the world the way to play good football," Blatter added.

"The Brazilian spirit of the game and the Brazilian ability to play football makes this World Cup very very special I am sure it will be a great great success," he said.

The Brazilian people must "get mobilised" for the tournament, he added.