Former Liverpool and Aston Villa player Stan Collymore has criticised Twitter by claiming the social network is not working hard enough to pursue its users who send abusive messages.

UK Police confirmed that they were investigating a series of offensive messages directed at Collymore after he suggested Liverpool striker Luis Suarez cheated by diving during Saturday's match against Aston Villa.

Collymore said: "I've spoken numerous times to Staffordshire Police and other police forces, who are really banging their heads against a brick wall because they want to do stuff but Twitter aren't furnishing them with the information.

"All it's doing is providing a vacuum for anti-Semitic abuse, racist abuse, homophobic abuse, sexist abuse, anti-disability abuse and it's quite frankly illegal as much as anything."

On Wednesday morning, Twitter released a statement saying: "We do not comment on individual accounts for privacy and security reasons."

Collymore was disappointed with the stance, and said: "I reserve the right as a United Kingdom citizen to live within the laws of the United Kingdom and so should Twitter."

"I retweet, I block, I report and if it is sufficiently threatening I'll go to the police" - Stan Collymore

Collymore retweeted some of the abuse he has received from internet trolls since the match - four days ago - to his 503,000 followers as he called on Twitter to take action.

He said: "I retweet, because it's a thorny issue, some people say it's fuelling the flames but I don't choose to - on other people's behalf - racially abuse me. I retweet, I block, I report and if it is sufficiently threatening I'll go to the police.

"If you disagree with a point I make, if we disagree sat on the sofa here, absolutely fine, but I shouldn't be racially abused for it.

"I shouldn't have somebody that tweets me two days ago that says 'I'm going to turn up at your house and murder you'.

"This is just sheer lunacy and Twitter at the moment I don't think they know what to do."