Former Manchester United and Norway striker Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has emerged as a contender for the West Bromwich Albion job.

Solskjaer is currently boss at Molde in his home country and has guided them to two league titles since taking over in 2011.

The club's chief executive Tarje Nordstrand Jacobsen was quoted by Norwegian media on Wednesday as saying that Molde had received enquiries from overseas about Solskjaer, but no indication was given as to exactly who from, or when.

Nordstrand Jacobsen, quoted on, said: "I can confirm that we have received formal requests, but will not say when they arrived or where they came from.

"Ole has a name that will always make him attractive. And he has a standing in England that makes him often a candidate there."

Asked if he was prepared for Solskjaer to leave Molde soon, Nordstrand Jacobsen said: "Yes. We are aware that is a possible scenario.

"Ole has won three titles (including a cup) in three years with Molde.

"It is obvious that this can be good timing for him if he wants to further his career."