Everton have rejected a £28m bid from Manchester United for Marouane Fellaini and Leighton Baines.

The Liverpool Echo has reported that United bid £16m for Belgian midfielder Fellaini and £12m for left-back Baines.

The bid reportedly came in 48 hours before the first day of the new Premier League season and was rejected immediately by the Toffees.

With Fellaini valued at £23.5m by Everton, the bid was deemed vastly short of what would be needed to take both players away from Goodison Park to ply their trade at Old Trafford.

It's believed the Everton board room believe the bid made by Manchester United chief executive Ed Woodward for the duo was designed to unsettle Everton's prize duo.

Fellaini had a £23.5m buy-out clause in his contract, which expired on 31 July, and the bid from United clearly falls far short of that figure.

Indeed, Fellaini was purchased for a fee - including additional payments - of £17.5m in in 2008 from Standard Liege.

To suggest Fellaini's value has decreased in five years where he has played 174 times and scored 32 goals, as well as becoming a mainstay in a talented Belgium side, is indeed highly dubious.

Quotes made by Everton boss Roberto Martinez recently also allude to the bid from Manchester United and Fellaini's buy-out clause

Martinez said: "Before we went to Austria one club officially contacted ourselves with an offer and it was a final offer.

"They put something over and the valuation wasn't anywhere near the quality of Leighton Baines.

"Marouane had a buy-out clause where it was very straightforward. If someone met that valuation, the club had no say.

"That finished on July 31 so you can imagine during that period everyone was a bit expectant about what would happen. Once that date went, you just focus on working for the next season.”