QPR manager Harry Redknapp has said his attempts to sign new players has brought constant travel for the last 12 days, and a failed comparison to Paul Newman.

Porto defender Rolando is currently on Redknapp's radar, while a deal for Chunnam Dragons' South Korean international Yun Suk-young is close to being completed, but neither goalkeeper Julio Cesar nor centre-back Anton Ferdinand will be leaving.

"I've been travelling all over the place, it's been busy. It's difficult. I've taken lots of flights but it's been very hard to actually land anyone," Redknapp said.

"I've been around Europe every day and haven't been home for 12 days. My wife said to me the other day 'I've forgotten what you look like'.

"I told her I look like Paul Newman, she said 'in your dreams'!

"You think you've got someone and then something else happens and you don't get the player. I'm chasing here, chasing there, and coming up with nothing.

"That's how it's been for the last few weeks and the clock's ticking down now. If we don't get the people I want and a bit of quality, we'll sit tight.

"We got Remy and that was great for us, but we need to strengthen and that's an obvious fact.

"We're still bottom of the league. We've been on a decent run, but we had an horrendous start.

"I still fancy us to get out of this position, but to do that we do need to strengthen a bit."