Roddy Collins has declared his interest in the vacant Limerick job, believing the newly-promoted club and the former Monaghan United boss are a "match made in heaven".

Collins has already submitted his application to Limerick having been out of work since Monaghan’s demise last June.

Limerick parted company with Pat Scully last week and Collins is hoping for the chance to return to management.

Collins told the Limerick Leader: "My CV has gone in already, I’m not going to wait around. It’s a match made in heaven as far as I’m concerned. I’m not a fool and I can see something that can be very successful.

"With the resources Limerick have, anyone would be interested in taking them over and I’d have them challenging to win the Premier Division straight away. I think they could be in contention with three or four games to go next season and would be wanting to push on from there.

"Whoever gets this job has to have a pedigree and they have to know the league. I took a Monaghan team up to the Premier Division and we’d the second-lowest budget in Division 1. We should have won that league too but I had success with Monaghan and with Bohs and it’s a no-brainer - I’m a perfect fit for this job."

Limerick could be playing their Premier Division games in Thomond Park next season with their new stadium at Market Field not yet completed.