Germany World Cup winner Franz Beckenbauer  is predicting a Germany versus Spain final at Euro 2012.

Beckenbauer, who won the World Cup both as a player and a manager, fancies a repeat of the Euro 2008 final, which Spain won 1-0.

After finishing third, second and third in their last three major tournaments, he believes Germany's current crop of players have what it takes to go all the way.

"It is fantastic when you finish second or third, but then there is always something left over," he said.

"You can also win things and that is something that you can force - it comes down to mentality."

But Beckenbauer admits Gtermany will have to ride their luck along the way.

"It is football and anything can happen," he told the Kolner Stadtanzeiger newspaper.

"The ball can hit the inside of the post and bounce out rather than in the goal, but if everything goes according to plan then I can see a Spain-Germany final."