Bolton midfielder Fabrice Muamba could be back playing football within six months, according to a leading heart expert. 

Dr Richard Cooke, a consultant cardiologist at London Bridge Hospital, believes it may not be too long before the 24-year-old is seen in full action again. 

"It would seem highly likely that he would have had a defibrillator put in. As long as he makes a full neurological recovery, from a heart perspective there is no reason why he couldn't resume his professional football career," Cooke told PA Sport.

He was discharged from the London Chest Hospital yesterday, almost a month to the day after he was rushed there having suffered a cardiac arrest on the pitch at White Hart Lane during Wanderers' FA Cup quarter-final against Tottenham.

Dr Cooke continued: ""With his heart stopping for so long, it was an amazing story how they were able to keep him going for such a long period of time.

"There is always concern that he might develop injury to the brain, but as long as the resuscitation was adequate, then you would hope he would make a full recovery, in which case you would anticipate he should be able to resume playing football.

"It depends entirely on the degree of recovery he has made already, but I understand he has made a surprisingly good recovery and all being well, I would not be surprised if he was back playing football in six months."