David Luiz has denied Didier Drogba mocked Benfica during Chelsea's Champions League quarter-final draw.

The Blues' last-eight opponents appear to have taken offence at a video on the London club's official website which some have claimed shows Drogba feigning fear at being paired with the Portuguese giants.

Chelsea defender Luiz last night suggested Drogba was actually reacting to the prospect of facing Barcelona in the semi-finals, insisting his team-mate had not been disrespecting Benfica.

"If people watch the video closely, it's not directed at Benfica," Luiz said ahead of Tuesday's quarter-final first leg in Lisbon.

"He was talking about Barcelona because Barcelona are a very, very big team.

"Chelsea know how Benfica reached this far. They're a strong team. Drogba's character wouldn't allow him to disrespect another team."

Benfica boss Jorge Jesus warned Drogba his side would react to a perceived slight from the striker by beating Chelsea this evening.

Jesus accepted the forward was "probably just joking", but added: "Drogba only knows what he's thinking.

"You have to remember that Benfica and Sporting Lisbon eliminated Manchester United and Manchester City, the two top teams in England, from Europe.

"Any responses we'll be giving to Drogba will be on the field and proving we are better than him."