Below are the nominations received for Sligo Rovers:

Watch RTÉ Sport archive footage of League of Ireland greats such as Brendan Bradley, Liam Coyle, Jonathan Speak, Jackie Jameson, Tony Fagan, Brendan Storan, Peter Thomas, Al Finucane, Ben Hannigan, Mick Leech and Miah Dennehy.

Dixie Dean nominated by Philip Farrell
My nomination for my team's best-ever player has to be Dixie Dean. While public knowledge of his exploits while in is north-west is scant, Dean's legendary scoring record make him one of the greatest footballers of all time. I am proud of that. The greatest player in the history of the League of Ireland? Well I am only 21, so this is tricky. On paper and from word-of-mouth I would say it'd have to be Al Finucane of Waterford and Limerick. Finucane never seemed to age and never once got a red card. Fair play is a great virtue. But considering I never saw him play, I can't vote for him. I hate when people my age vote for Pele or Maradona in these kind of polls. You have to see them play I think. So my vote goes to Owen Heary of Bohemians. A very strong and versatile right back, Heary has been an integral part of any team he has played for, and has good European experience to boot. I thought Deportivo de la Coruna were going to sign him a few years ago.

Damien 'Mutt' Dunleavy nominated by Chemical Keano
Affectionately known as Mutt, Damien Dunleavy had a number of classic seasons with the Bit o' Red. He was then drawn by the bright lights of Raith Rovers in Scotland for a full-time contract. The only pity was that Mutt didn't return to Rovers during his prime to lead the team to glory.

Tony Fagan nominated by Ken Treacy
I nominate Tony for his ability to be there for Rovers through thick and thin and always produce and get the crowd going with some excellent plays. Growing up, he was one of my favourite players.

Tony Fagan nominated by David Rowe

Tony FaganTony Fagan nominated by Eugene Savage
I would like to nominate Tony Fagan as the all time greatest player. He was never afraid to do what was needed to win on the park. I am now living in Canada for the past 20 years I still keep up to date on the Irish league. I remember travelling to Sligo on wet and windy days and enjoying the hot soup in the stands.

Tony Fagan nominated by Shea Dooher
Has to be Tony Fagan, loyal home town player who would die for the cause.

Jonny Armstrong nominated by Tony McGee
My favourite player was Johnny Armstrong, a magical outside left in the late 50s and early 60s. The best local player was Paul McGee (no relation!). The late Gerry Mitchell was a close personal friend of mine but as a right-back and later as a centre-forward he would be regarded as a legend. He went on to manage the first ever reserve team in the Showgrounds and the first team in the late 1980s.

Tony Fagan nominated by Martin Scanlon
If the criteria for this title is based on skill, passion, determination and years spent in the League of Ireland then look no further than Fago. Strong, fearless and ruthless in the tackle Fago was Mr Sligo Rovers. Tony Fagan was for years the embodiment of the real club stalwart. Tony Fagan as well as being captain of his local club also represented the League of Ireland select team. Stories of his heroics are legendary, but Fago sitting on the ball after mesmerising a Red Star Belgrade player in a European away fixture is perhaps the best. Fago was a local to his back teeth and his only reason for not going across the water to ply his trade was his complete dedication to the 'Bit O' Red'. Fago was always my hero and I remember well on Rovers' march to their first ever FAI Cup win in 1983, having secured a late away draw against Cobh Ramblers in Flower Lodge, Fago arranged for myself and my two mates to get a lift back to Sligo on the team bus as we were totally soaked to the skin. Fago was a strong tackler and on one famous day in Westport in a friendly game, one Ray Wilkins told Fago to take it easy in the tackle. He should have known Fago didn't do easy. When I look behind me in the stand at home games who is still sitting in the stand kicking every ball? Yeah, Fago! Tony Fagan, colossus, warrior, take a bow.

Tony Fagan nominated by Shane Murray
Although there's a long list of great Sligo players to choose from, stretching back to the days of Dixie Dean, through to David Pugh, Paul McGee, Harry McLoughlin, Gavin Dykes and Will Hastie, I have to go for an old favourite, Tony Fagan. Captain of the FAI Cup winning side in 1983 as well as a key member of the club's only league success in 1977, Fagan served the club admirably as a player and later as a coach. Fagan, a devilish, terrier-like midfielder in his prime, also boasted a delicate touch and a speed of thought that kept him playing, with considerable impact, for the club's reserve team until his 50s. He was always a larger than life character, and I'll always remember one typical 'Fago' moment when he nutmegged a Straide/Foxford player in an important Connacht Senior League clash for the reserves back in the 90s. Not content with embarrassing a player less than half his age, he also found time to stop and laugh before finding a team-mate with a pass. That his jibes were taken in good jest by his opponent and the many in attendance said much about his standing among fans beyond the Showgrounds. Living just yards from the Church Hill venue, Fagan can still be seen making the short journey to watch his beloved Rovers for every home game.

Gavin DykesGavin Dykes nominated by Alan Kearins
Ten years at the club - captain of the treble winning team in '94. Bravest player I can remember who ever put on a Rovers shirt in the Showgrounds. Stuck his head in where other players wouldn’t put their feet. A born leader. Not the most gracious of players in terms of skill but what he lacked in skill he more than made up for it with heart. FAI Cup winner with Sligo Rovers and Premier Division winner with Derry City. He has received numerous Player of the Year awards with most of the clubs he was involved with throughout his distinguished career. Now to say he 'graced' the pitch, maybe not but 'legend' yeah.

Tony Fagan nominated by Edward O'Reilly
Tony Fagan Sligo Rovers, a great, great unsung hero of the league.

Paul McGee nominated by Mike Crowley

Paul 'Ski' McGee nominated by Spookie
Without doubt, the greatest player to have graced the League of Ireland, that I had the privilege of watching. He was on FM, while everybody else on the pitch was in AM. A GENIUS

Tony Fagan nominated by Norah McDonagh
What a guy!! Dedicated and passionate.

Tony Fagan nominated by Graham Carty

Paul McGee nominated by David Gaule
I wish to nominate Paul (Skee) McGee as the League of Ireland's Greatest Player EVER!!!!! 

Paul McGee nominated by Neil Gaynor, Rosses Point, Sligo, 51
Paul McGee, now Limerick 37 managerPaul McGee (Ski) was the most skilful player to ever play for the Rovers and was a huge part of the successful team of 1977 who won the league. He was transferred to QPR (then in the English First Division) in 1979 for £100,000 which was a very large amount for a League of Ireland player at the time. He went on to play for Ireland many times, scoring frequently.

Paul McGee nominated by Michael Bree
Has to be Skee McGee for Sligo Rovers.

Paul McGee nominated by Peter Lynch
Best player in our club's history: Paul McGee and Eddie Anand.
Best player to have graced League of Ireland pitch would have to be Dixie Dean, who played for Sligo Rovers in the 1939 FAI Cup final which we lost to Shelbourne. Tony Fagan and Brenden Bradley also deserve a mention.

Tony Fagan nominated by Tom Kelly
Whole hearted, all action, skilful stalwart – lived and breathed Sligo Rovers.

Tony Fagan nominated by John McGowan

Tony Fagan nominated by Aidan Kelly
Midfielder Tony Fagan gave service to the club like no other. From a league winner under Billy Sinclair to the Cinderella Cup winner from Mr Harry McLoughlin against Bohs in the lousiest of weather. Nobody else had the carear or longevity. All others were journey men or played one or two seasons. For anybody else to win it would be a sell out and a travesty similar to the FAI Cup final he lost out to with Mr Carpenter the ref, who awarded a penalty that afternoon that was a disgrace, a joke. Mr Carpenter must have forgotten the bottle of wine while dining at Mr Giles' house the previous week and awarded Mr Ray Tracey the only goal of the game. For Tony Fagan to keep playing and chugging away in the midfield for all those years after all the wrongs and miracles.

Barry Kehoe and Martin Bayley nominated by Bo McKeever (Bray Wanderers 1985-2000)
Best two legends of my time were Barry Kehoe (Dundalk) and Martin Bayley (Sligo Rovers), the most skilful and creative midfielders you will ever see!!

Sean Fallon and Butch Brennan nominated by Carla from Glamour Pooch

Tony Fagan nominated by Pascal Connolly
I would like to nominate Tony Fagan as a Sligo Rovers/LOI legend because of his tremendous courage, skill, fearlessness and inspirational leadership both on and off the football pitch.

Tony Fagan nominated by Padraic Rooney, Sligo
He was the heart and soul of Sligo Rovers in three decades. He gave everything for the team.

Tony Fagan nominated by Diarmuid Cawley
I would like to vote for Tony Fagan, who is the one person that remains in my mind many years later after Sligo Rovers achieved that League of Ireland victory in 1977. As Tony said in his inimitable way: 'We did it for the town, but more so for the people of the town'. A legend.

Tony Fagan nominated by Ed O'Reilly
Tony Fagan, the unsparing midfield gladiator, fearless and inspirational, an iconic leader who epitomised what Sligo Rovers are all about.

Paul McGee nominated by Bill Costello

Paul McGee nominated by Mark Mulholland
My vote for best League of Ireland player is Paul (Ski) McGee with league winning Sligo Rovers in 1977.

Paul McGee nominated by David McGoldrick
We never had visions of Dixie in the Showgrounds but Paul 'Ski' McGee was there in the late 70s and 80s. A silky smooth winger, potent in front of goals raised the profile of the Rovers for a brief time. Magic.

Tony Stenson nominated by Joanne Higgins
Tony came here when he was 18 and is still here today. He came from Sheffield and he was a very committed team player. Right from the start he played every game to win. He is in the Hall of Fame twice. I think he deserves to win as we all think he is a legend.

Paul McGee nominated by Mick McGetrick (45) Athlone

Paul McGee nominated by Cian Hamilton
My League of Ireland legend is Paul McGee, who played for Sligo Rovers.

Paul McGee nominated by Paul Hamilton
My League of Ireland legend is the ex-Sligo Rovers player Paul McGee.

Harry McLoughlin nominated by David McLoughlin (28), Sligo
Harry McLoughlin was one of the local heroes that scored one of the goals that helped Sligo Rovers Football Club win the FAI Cup for the first time ever in 1983. He was also the joint top scorer with 11 goals (with Con McLoughlin of Finn Harps) for the 1985/86 season. A fantastic Sligo Rovers player and a TRUE League of Ireland legend.

Tony Fagan nominated by John Danagher (38), Loughrea, Co Galway