Dundalk FC's board have issued a statement expressing their anger at the Indepedent Assessment Group's decision over the structure of the new National League.

Dundalk missed out on a place in the new Premier League following the AIG's ruling and have since revealed that they have serious concerns regarding the breakdown of points received for the off-field criteria.

The 21 clubs which took part in the process were ranked on the basis of points scored as a result of their achievements over the past five seasons on the pitch and how they measured up against specific criteria covering areas such as infrastructure, governance, strategic planning, finance, youth development and marketing.

In a statement, the club said: 'Dundalk FC can confirm to our supporters that we are vigorously pursuing all avenues available to us at this time in order to resolve this unsatisfactory situation.

'We are particularly unhappy with unfair statements by FAI Chief Executive John Delaney on the national airwaves. Mr Delaney's comments were unhelpful and have only served to compound rather than alleviate what is already a volatile situation.'