Republic of Ireland 5-0 San Marino

90 mins (+4) The referee blows his whistle and brings the last international soccer game in Lansdowne to an end.

90 mins (+2): Dunne misses a great chance from a corner to make it six.

89 mins: Robbie Keane is announced as the eircom Man of the Match.

87 mins: The crowd break into a chorus of 'The Fields of Athenry' as their spirits lift on this wet and cold night in Lansdowne Road.

86 mins: Selva has yet another free-kick in front of the Irish goal and the ball is hit well over the bar.

85 mins: GOAL! Robbie Keane gets his hat-trick as Reid puts the ball in and he glances the ball into the net with his head.

84 mins: A good cross from McGeady draws the keeper into punching the ball clear. Keane spreads the ball to Duff.

82 mins: The crowd break into 'Ole, Ole' for the first time. Selva has another free kick for the visitors but an awful attempt dribbles wide.

80 mins: Substitute for San Marino, Bonini comes on for Simoncini.

80 mins: Another error by John O'Shea gives San Marino a throw-in. Not the best night for O'Shea in an Irish jersey.

79 mins: Substitute: Ireland bring on Ipswich Town's Alan Lee for Kevin Kilbane.

78 mins: Damien Duff goes close in the box and could have had a claim for a penalty.

77 mins: An Andy Reid shot is deflected off Bacciocchi and lands safely in the goalkeeper's arms. The crowd seem more lively now as more chances are created.

76 mins: Bugli receives the first booking of the game for San Marino after a challenge on Reid in the cente of the pitch.

75 mins: A Reid corner is met well by Dunne but his effort just goes wide of the post.

74 mins: Finnan and Kilbane do well on the left and a good cross from the latter meets O'Shea at the back post but he found fouling and the referee blows for a free.

72 mins: Ireland are extremely comfortable on the ball and just have to put more balls into the box surely to get goal number five.

70 mins: A very good McGeady ball from the right picks out McShane and he has acres of space but from six yards manages to head the ball over. He won't get a better opportunity to score his first goal for Ireland.

69 mins: McGeady has impressed since he has come on, making some good runs down the wing. Keane is playing a bit of ball on the left wing and is trying to bring other players into the fray.

68 mins: Kilbane is causing more problems and wins a free kick about 30 yards out. A good ball in from Reid almost reaches McShane at the far post and the ball goes out of play.

67 mins: Keane makes a run down the left after a good ball from McGeedy but it comes to nothing and San Marino get a goal kick.

65 mins: Reid and Finnan inter-play in midfield but Kilbane take the ball and then hits the ball out of play under no pressure.

64 mins: Ireland have a lot of room to move the ball and when they play direct they get the chances so they should know the way to play out the remaining 30 minutes of the match and hopefully add a few more goals to their tally.

62 mins: Substitute: Ireland bring on Aiden McGeady and take off Kevin Doyle.

62 mins: Douglas tries to link up with Reid but is dispossessed too easily. Keane drops back to link up with Duff but it comes to nothing as the visitors win a throw.

61 mins: Duff and Reid link up well and release Kilbane and he makes his way down the left but gets caught in two minds and dribbles the ball out of play in acres of space.

60 mins: San Marino have a corner which only three of their players go forward for. The ball is cleared by Richard Dunne.

58 mins: San Marino take off Mariotti and bring on Marani.

57 mins: GOAL! Keane puts away the penalty to the left of the goal. The keeper dived to his left very early and almost invited Keane to put the ball in the other corner. Ireland should push on from here.

56 mins: McShane wins a penalty for Ireland as he makes his way into the box and invites the challenge.

56 mins: The ball is being knocked around midfield and the ball is fed to Finnan who puts the ball into the box put there is too much pace on the ball.

54 mins: Duff is persistent but his trickery isn't fooling many in the San Marino defence. Douglas wasted a good chance to get a cross in for Ireland and hits the ball out of play.

53 mins: Duff makes some progress down the left wing but a lay-off to John O'Shea doesn't work and it's a goal kick for San Marino.

52 mins: Ireland must spread the ball wide more and create more chances for Doyle and Keane.

51 mins: There remains an element of sloppiness in the Irish passing in the second half. Bacciocchi knocks a free-kick into the Irish box but possession is easily recovered.

49 mins: Substitute: Ireland takes off Lee Carsley and bring on Jonathan Douglas.

49 mins: A good Ireland move creates a good chance for Robbie Keane, but the ball is too high and his effort goes wide.

47 mins: San Marino get their first shot on target with Selva shot that is easily collected by Given.

47 mins: Doyle makes room down the left and forces the Bugli into conceding a corner.

46 mins: Duff crosses in from the left and the 'keeper drops an easy catch and gives a golden opportunity to Doyle who heads wide.

45 mins: (+1) Half-time. Ireland must make more of the easy possession that San Marino are giving them. A more direct style of play should be put into place with more crosses into the box. This will give the crowd something to shout about as they seem strangely subdued.

45 mins: More good work down the left from Finnan releases Kilbane but he can't shake off his man and the move ends.

44 mins: The Irish crowd remain silent and the Irish team must do more in order to make them more vocal.

43 mins: Another Selva free-kick, but this time it beats the wall and his effort just creeps past Given's post. A soft enough effort but it will act as a wake-up.

42 mins: Dunne fouls Selva about 30 yards out from the edge of the Irish box on the right. San Marino waste their free kick and hand possession straight back to Ireland.

40 mins: Ireland are showing some patience, Duff makes a good run towards goal but is stopped in his tracks and it goes out for a corner. Valentini snatches the ball from the air and puts San Marino on the attack.

38 mins: Reid and Duff play some tight passes but San Marino remain deep and they have to look for help from Carsley and O'Shea. The Manchester United man takes control of the situation but his effort is blasted over the bar.

37 mins: O'Shea concedes more easy possession as Ireland look for goal number four. Selva drills a free-kick against the Ireland wall from 30 yards and Ireland regain possession.

35 mins: Kilbane is hacked down in midfield but advantage is played. Ireland show good movement going towards goal but should adopt a more direct approach of play if more goals are to come.

34 mins: Valentini clears and San Marino maintain possession up to Ireland's box but their move is broken down by Richard Dunne.

32 mins: Keane has acres of space to put in O'Shea but his shot is blasted over. Ireland have more space now in which to operate and are creating more chances as a result.

30 mins: GOAL! After Kilbane found some room down the left Robbie Keane keeps his cool to control and slot past Valentini to score his 27th goal for his country.

29 mins: A Finnan cross is again met by Kilbane who puts it wide of the goal.

28 mins: O'Shea and Duff link up well in the wing and the cross from Duff causes panic in the goal mouth but the ball is scrambled away to safety for San Marino. A great chance missed for Ireland.

27 mins: Carsley is controlling the midfield but there remains some sloppiness to the Irish passing in general which offers easy possession to the visitors.

26 mins: Good link up play on the wing from Doyle and Finnan creates a good chance for Kilbane but his headed effort just drifts wide.

25 mins: That was Doyle's first Irish goal of the qualification campaign and he will be looking to add to that as the game progresses and more chances present themselves.

24 mins: GOAL! A good ball in wide from Kilbane meets Kevin Doyle who heads the ball past Valentini in the San Marino goal.

22 mins: Finnan and Doyle link up but Doyle's ball across the goal lacks awareness and the ball goes out of play. Finnan is making good runs down the left but the final ball is lacking.

20 mins: Duff is making a few runs and causing some problems but the space is at a minimum as San Marino remain deep, denying Ireland any space around goal.

19 mins: Ireland get their first corner after good work from Duff down the line. Reid takes the corner and Dunne's puts the ball back across the goal but Keane hits it over.

18 mins: McShane seems controlled and calm in defence and is lnking up well with Carsely and Kilbane in midfield.

17 mins: The crowd remain silent and Ireland must create more chances to get the fans going on this wet night in Lansdowne Road.

15 mins: McShane hands possession to Selva too easily in front of Ireland's box but the danger is cleared. John O'Shea is caught off-side in a good opportunity for Ireland to put pressure on the tight San Marino defence.

14 mins: Andy Reid takes an in swinging freekick for Ireland which is over hit and can't reach Kilbane who is stretching to reach it.

13 mins: Kilbane beats his man on the left and crosses for Robbie Keane who should have done better and steered his effort wide.

12 mins: San Marino have corner which is defended by Kilbane and headed out for another corner. Morani causes problems in the Irish box but the corner is safely cleared.

11 mins: John O'Shea over hits a pass down the right after some good work down the wing. San Marino are playing very deep and Ireland must be patient to pick the right pass.

9 mins: Kilbane again loses possession in midfield and Duff concedes free-kick. Kilbane and Reid are controlling the midfield. Andy Reid over hits a cross and it is a goal kick to San Marino 'keeper, Valentini.

8 mins: Kevin Doyle snatches at a chance and drives the ball over the bar after a nice pass from strike partner, Robbie Keane.

6 mins: GOAL! Andy Reid slots the free-kick into the net after a wicked deflection from a San Marino defender.

5 mins: Andy Reid eyes up a free-kick from about 20 yards after Kevin Doyle who is fouled on the edge off the box.

3 mins: Kilbane is sloppy and loses ball easily in midfield. Ireland need to improve their tempo. A Damien Duff cross is cleared and Andy Reid brings the ball forward again. Another sloppy lay-off hands easy possession back to San Marino.

2 mins: Finnan knocks ball to Kilbane and plays the ball in across the deck to Carsley and Duff goes on a short run which is stopped by San Marino defence. Robbie Keane is caught off-side as he makes a run through the tight San Marino defence.

0 mins: John O'Shea gets in early defensive header. A throw for Ireland which San Marino clear. Paul McShane knocks the ball forward to Lee Carsley.

0 mins: San Marino kick-off

Republic of Ireland: Given, O'Shea, McShane, Dunne, Finnan, Duff, Carsley, Reid, Kilbane, Keane, Doyle.                 

Subs: Henderson, Kelly, Douglas, Elliott, Lee, McGeady, Morrison.

San Marino: Valentini, Bugli, Albani, Bacciocchi, D Simoncini, Vannucci, Valentini, Andreini, Mariotti, Marani, Selva.

Subs: A Simoncini, Crescentini, Moretti, Ciacci, Marani, Domeniconi, Bonini.

Referee: Lassin Isaksen (Faroe Islands)