Alex Ferguson fears Wayne Rooney may have to get used to the star syndrome which makes his every move headline news.

The Manchester United striker was on the front pages for all the wrong reasons again this weekend as reports surfaced of an alleged £700,000 gambling debt which is said to have caused rifts within the England camp.

It is not the first time Rooney's private affairs have been blasted into the public domain and, just like George Best, Paul Gascoigne and David Beckham before him, Ferguson feels the 20-year-old is now an established media target.

"It is just nonsense but these things will happen to the boy throughout his life," said Ferguson.

"We have had this with George Best, we had it with Paul Gascoigne and we had it with David Beckham.

"We know Wayne Rooney. It is rubbish and we shall dismiss it the best we can."

England coach Sven-Goran Eriksson and Professional Footballers' Association deputy chief executive Mick McGuire are concerned enough about the allegations to make it their business to speak with Rooney and his advisers about the situation early this week.

Several of Rooney's England team-mates are also reported to have embarked on heavy gambling stints, although none have accrued losses to such an extreme figure.

Eriksson's mission - through informal chats - will be to determine whether any issues have arisen between players as a consequence.

The Swede has claimed in the past he has no problem with his players waging small sums of money but will be keen to ensure any problems do not get out of hand.