Lazio were fined €8,000 for letting their supporters show a neo nazi symbol in the stands at the weekend but striker Paulo Di Canio was not punished for making a fascist salute.

The Italian football federation, however, has opened an inquiry into the player's actions on Sunday in the away game at Livorno.

It is not the first time Di Canio's politics have landed him in hot water. In March, he was fined €10,000 for giving a fascist-style salute at the end of the Rome derby two months earlier.

Livorno were also fined €20,000 for a series of problems including the throwing of a small firework at the Lazio team bus as it entered the stadium.

Games between Livorno and Lazio are always tense because of the political leaning of the clubs' supporters.

Livorno have always had a strong left-wing following, while Lazio supporters have links to the far right.

The match, won by Livorno 2-1, had Lazio supporters chanting slogans glorifying Italian dictator Benito Mussolini and Livorno supporters replied with Italian revolutionary chants.

Livorno fans waved communist flags with the hammer and sickle emblem, while Celtic crosses (a popular symbol for the neo nazis
especially as the swastika is banned) were spotted in the Lazio