Richard Dunne has escaped the sack from Manchester City following Saturday's breach of club discipline at the club's training ground. Dunne was sent home from training on Saturday after arriving in a 'dishevelled' state prompting Kevin Keegan to ban him from the training complex for two weeks.

"I am very, very disappointed in him and I have told him so," Keegan told the Manchester Evening News at the time. "He will not be at the club for two weeks. There is a meeting this week and we will see what we can do with him. I am not saying whether he will ever play for my team again until after that meeting."

It seems that Dunne will be given one more chance though as, after a meeting between Maine Road directors, PFA chief Gordon Taylor, as well as Keegan and Dunne, he has been placed on a special training programme and fined two weeks' wages.

A club statement read: "Richard Dunne has accepted the seriousness of his situation having had similar disciplinary problems in the past. The PFA will now work together with Manchester City Football Club to assist Richard Dunne during this training period and to help him work towards achieving the goals he has set himself."

Filed by Johnny Proby