Republic of Ireland International Richard Dunne has been issued a final warning by Manchester City boss Kevin Keegan after he was involved in a late-night drink-related incident at a Liverpool night-club last week.

Dunne, keeper Nicky Weaver and midfielder Jeff Whitley have all been fined a maximum two weeks' wages by the club for their involvement, with Keegan saying he would have come down harder on them if allowed.

"The official position is that they've been fined the maximum I can fine them," said Keegan. "If the PFA and the League get together - and I think maybe there is a case for that - and allow us to punish them more I would do because this is not the first time. But it's been handled, it's been taken care of and life goes on. It's very disappointing for me and what the long-term effects are on those players only time will tell. But in the short term I've done what I can do."

Its not the first time the Dunne has fallen foul of his boss as he was also in trouble for missing training earlier in the season.

Filed by Johnny Proby