Bryan Robson's future as Middlesbrough boss is in doubt after his side once again failed to win at the Riverside yesterday. The club have not won a home game in the leage all season and yesterday's woeful display against Leicester went a long way to explaining why. Boro's recent poor results has made Robson the favourite to be the next managerial casualty in the Premiership and the former Manchester United star is well aware of this. Following yesterday's game, Robson severely criticised his players and this will surely not help his cause as he prepares to meet with the squad in a "no-holds barred" meeting tomorrow morning.

"I want to hear their opinions - all of them. I want to hear what they have to say. We do not simplify the game, we complicate it and it has cost us again. The players are showing me they are not as good as I thought they were because the decisions they are making are the wrong ones. We are not playing with any confidence and keep giving balls away and losing possession," he fumed.

However, the Foxes boss Peter Taylor had some encouraging words for Robson. "Middlesbrough have some brilliant characters in their team and you never know what is around the corner. Look at Jim Smith and Derby. A couple of draws followed by a win and you move up the table. Things can change," pointed out the caretaker England boss.

Filed by Amanda Fennelly