Players, fans and commentators were left bemused by what was described as the "most amazing shot in history" at the Masters today.

Scotland's Stephen Maguire, who was in action against Neil Robertson, played a red with a powerful strike of the cue and saw it fly into the air when hitting the jaws of the pocket, before landing on the table, spinning backwards and rolling in. 

With both players barely able to believe what they had seen, the cue ball - which had jumped and clambered its way over the pack - then hit the side cushion, but the spin on the white saw it roll up the table and in to the top-right corner pocket for a foul.

Robertson sat in his chair open-mouthed as the crowd reacted with bewilderment. 

Commentators Steve Davis and John Virgo agreed it was something they had never seen before. 

Maguire came from 5-1 down to progress to the quarter-finals on a 6-5 scoreline. 

Watch it below.