Former world champion Ken Doherty is not yet ready to call time on his memorable career after 25 years as a professional.

In a lengthy interview on Different Class, a new podcast series with RTÉ Sport’s Dave Kelly, Doherty admitted that time is ticking on his career as a player, but that he is not yet ready to leave the circuit.

“I'll have to retire at some stage. When, I don't know. The game will probably retire me before I retire from it. I'm still enjoying it and I still love competing. When I stop enjoying the competitive side or just get totally frustrated that I can't do the things I could do like 10 or 15 years ago, then I'll say ‘yeah I've had enough’.

“But at the moment I don't feel like that. I still want to compete and play in some tournaments. I still want to do the best I can and enjoy it. I think the most important thing, no matter what sport you play, is to enjoy it.

“The game will eventually tell you when it's time to stop. I'm not really looking forward to that time to be honest, but I know it will come soon. How soon it will come, I don't know. It remains to be seen. It depends on how much work I put in or how much time I have to play and practice and travel.

“I've cut down a little bit on the travelling side and tried to just play in some of the bigger ones rather than the smaller ones to try to conserve your energy and appetite as well. It's one of those questions that has been hanging over me for a while.

“I see Tony McCoy announcing his retirement which is quite sad and poignant but what a great career he has had. It'll come to us eventually but I don't know when.”

In the 53-minute interview, Doherty discusses the early days of his career and leaving Ireland chasing his dream of becoming world champion along with a number of other Irish players.

He reflects on his 1997 win at the Crucible and on some of the lows he experienced on and off the table.