Seven-time world champion Stephen Hendry will not be returning to the professional tour in order to try and qualify for this year's tournament, but has not ruled out doing so in the future.

The Scot, considered by many as the greatest player of all-time, retired in 2012 but has spoken several times since of being tempted to play again.

He was one of three men to be offered a free wildcard to qualify for this year's Crucible showpiece, with active players Steve Davis and James Wattana the others.

Hendry is not planning on using his this time around, though.

Speaking to talkSPORT radio he said: "I'm not going to play this season, I'm not playing the World Championship this season, definitely not, but I think I will definitely play a tournament again in my lifetime.

"I'll definitely play again because I just love snooker and don't see a reason why I wouldn't play again at some time.

"I'm not ready. Unless I can do myself justice and play well I'm not going to play. There's no point me turning up at the World Championship just as a publicity stunt and then lose 10-3 to someone who shouldn't tie my shoelaces. I will play again."

Hendry saw his record of 775 career centuries beaten by Ronnie O'Sullivan last month, and with 39-year-old O'Sullivan still playing and on five world titles, some think he could also take Hendry's other major record.

"I don't think that'll go, I don't think he'll win three more," Hendry added of his seven world crowns.