By Tadhg Peavoy
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2157 Heartbreak for Ireland. Their Grand Slam dream has become a nightmare. In truth, England were very deserving tonight. The Red Rose were dominant in the tackle, the ruck, possession and territory wise, and had a lethal, cutting edge that was simply unstoppable on the night. Well done England. Can Ireland's senior team gain some revenge at Twickenham tomorrow?

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See you tomorrow, and see y'after.

2155 Today's other under-20 results are Italy 17-20 Scotland and Wales 16-36 France. This means that Ireland finish third in the championship table on points difference.

England lift the championship trophy as Status Quo's Rocking All Over The World rocks out around Adams Park.


83 mins Ireland eventually knock on at a ruck and referee Claudio Blessano calls play to a close. England win the Under-20 Six Nations 2012.

81 mins Ireland go through the phases and spread wide left. They are trapped in their own half, but eventually get to halfway with Horan breaking. Marsh spins out of a tackle, and Henderson picks and goes. Horan beats two men as Ireland make the England 10-metre line.

80 mins Ireland win a penalty as England fail to release at a ruck.

79 mins Scrum England: England win it and Watson is fed - he breaks with his lightening quick pace. England now in the Ireland half. Heatcote tries a chip over the top for Walker and the ball just needs to bounce right for England and they're in - but the ball instead bounces kindly for Ireland and into touch.

79 mins Ireland knock it on in midfield. Scrum England on halfway.

78 mins England are penalised for not rolling away at the ruck. The penalty is kicked to touch as Ireland look for a consolation score.

78 mins Robson was quality throughout and very deserving of the award, which Frankie Sheahan was the judge of.


76 mins England kick the penalty to the Ireland corner as they search for a fourth try.


Scrum Ireland on halfway: they win and go wide left to Foster Horan. Ireland can't find a hole and move it to the right. The move breaks down and the referee calls in Finn. He is yellow carded for foul play.

74 mins Scrum England: England win, but Spencer knocks on. Scrum Ireland.

73 mins England lineout: they win it and maul at Ireland. Crash ball in midfield, Spencer and Merrick make good ground and England go wide left. Walker and Watson combine before Heathcote takes the ball up himself. England win a scrum deep in the Ireland half.

73 mins Again the scrum collapses and England are awarded a penalty. The ball is cleared to touch.

72 mins Scrum England on halfway: the scrum goes down and must be reset.

71 mins Hanrahan and Finn link up but England crush them in the tackle. England are really bossing this one.

69 mins England come again. Spencer barges forward in the midfield, but Ireland turn it over and win a penalty as England are done for holding on. Ireland boot it to touch and win their lineout. Farrell takes a crash ball in midfield.

68 mins England make a break with Walker, he breaks two Ireland tacles and sprints into the Ireland 22, he needs to pass as he is closed down, but his pass is poor and goes forward - the move ends. That would have been curtains for Ireland if the pass went to hand.

67 mins Ireland box kick and win back possession. Hanrahan makes a break to halfway. The ball is lost forward and England again seize on it and go back on the attack.

66 mins The ball is spun wide left and goes into touch. Ireland lineout.

66 mins Jackson boots the penalty to touch. Ireland just about secure the lineout ball, but the pass to Jackson is woeful and goes to ground. England steal the loose ball and camp on the Ireland 22.

65 mins Scrum England: they win it and break at Ireland. Spencer goes on his own from the side of a ruck and is done for holding on in the tackle. Penalty Ireland in their own half.

65 mins Ireland win the lineout, but subsequently knock on.

64 mins Mills takes the ball in midfield and kicks for the corner, he puts it straight into touch and it's a lineout back on halfway for Ireland.


The Fields of Athenry echoes around Adams Park as Jackson lines up his penalty kick. From wide right, on the 22, he nails it.

England U20 20-9 Ireland U20

62 mins Coghlan - just on the pitch - makes a searing break up the left wing for Ireland. Ireland retain and spin across the field to the right, Jackson is almost away, but is stopped short. Ireland win a penalty for England offside.

61 mins Ireland win the scrum and break up the right wing. The ball is then spun back to the centre and Ireland spill the ball forward in the tackle. Scrum England on the halfway.

60 mins But England knock on at the ruck and Ireland win the put in to the scrum.

59 mins England win the lineout and makes good ground towards the Ireland 22.

58 mins England win another penalty at the breakdown and boot long into the Ireland half.

57 mins The camera cuts to a group of lads, sipping some beverages, and cheering on Ireland with ferocious endeavour. Go on the lads.

56 mins England scrum: England win and pick from the base. They kick possession away and Farrell makes a half break for Ireland. He makes some ground, but has no support and knocks it on. Ireland are huffing and puffing, but they aint blowing no houses down.

54 mins Ireland win a lineout and break wide right, Finn gets it on the wing and drives the legs. Ireland then break across the field and Jackson smacks a cross-field kick to Scanlon - he gets it in his hands, but Yards makes a superb tackle to stop the attack.

52 mins They win and kick ahead, the chase is on, but no Ireland player can get to it. England are very comfortable right now.

51 mins England kick the penalty to touch and win the lineout. They spin the ball across the pitch and try to offload out wide - the pass is forward. Scrum Ireland deep in their half.

STAT: England have beaten 19 defenders tonight, Ireland have beaten only three.

50 mins England are awarded a penalty for a stray Ireland elbow.

49 mins Ireland win the lineout and go through phases. They camp on England's 22. Henderson drives a maul forward at England. England hold up the maul: England scrum down and put in.

48 mins Free-kick Ireland as England are penalised at the scrum. Ireland tap and go and spread wide left. They win a penalty as England kill the ball. Jackson boots to touch.


Ireland launch a garryowen and Watson claims. He dances into the Ireland 22 and offloads to Walker who bursts to the Ireland line. He is stopped short, but Robson feeds Yards who crashes over from a yard out. Try England, Ireland are on the ropes. Heathcote misses the conversion.

England U20 20-6 Ireland U20

41 mins Action is back underway in Adams Park. An early chance for England as Robson makes a half break and is hauled down just short of the line. He is deemed to have knocked on and Ireland get a scrum, win it and clear way downfield to touch.

2056 Conor Sisk: Irelands tackling and defence has been weak so far @RTErugby #needtostepitup

2055 Abigail Rowe: C'mon U20s! ye can still do this! #6N #irfu #proud @RTErugby Thanks for the website updates :)

2053 England dominated possession, territory, and the score in that opening 40 minutes. Ireland hung in doggedly and took their chances when they came. England turned their noses up at kickable penalties, instead opting to kick for corners and try for more tries. They couldn't find them and Ireland are still right in touch with 40 minutes to play. Back for more shortly.


41 mins Ireland spin wide left to Leyden and set the ruck deep in their own half. They go through several phases before Jackson boots the ball to touch. Half-time in Adams Park.

40 mins Scrum Ireland: it collapses and must be reset. Second scrum: England put in an early hit - free-kick Ireland.

39 mins England then spread wide left. A pass is directed at Walker. If he take it he looks in for the try, but he is put under pressure and knocks on. Super hit by Conneely.

38 mins Ireland play patiently before not sealing the ruck and losing at the breakdown. England break with Mills. England show good hands and go down the right wing, but Ireland's defence holds firm.

37 mins Ireland scrum: Engladn engage early and Ireland a free-kick. The boys in green make some hard yards forward before Farrell dances forward with ball in hand.

36 mins England lineout: off the top of the lineout, England's scrum-half Robson knocks on.

35 mins England lineout: the hooker delays too long and a free-kick is awarded to Ireland. The ball is punted long to England. They punt it back at Ireland. Jackson retrieves, looks up, and smacks to touch.

34 mins Ireland receive the kick-off and McGrath smashes a ball to touch.


At the next phase, Ireland win a penalty for England not rolling away at the ruck. From wide right, near the 10-metre line, Jackson nails it.

England U20 15-6 Ireland U20

31 mins England receive the kick-off and aim to play the ball out of their own 22. They make good ground and reach their 10-metre line. The ball is then lost forward and cleared downfield by Ireland. Watson clears to touch.


Heathcote makes no mistake with an easy penalty.

England U20 15-3 Ireland U20


Scrum England in the Ireland 22: England win and Heathcote runs straight into Jackson. England hold on to it and Kvesic goes to contact this time. As he does Hanrahan plays the ball on the ground. The referee says penalty England and yellow card - and the sin-bin - for Hanrahan.

27 mins Ireland put in to the scrum: the ball squirts out the back of the scrum but Conan recovers. The ball is smashed clear. It misses touch and England spread it wide early on and go right across the wing to Walker. Leyden comes across to make a try-stopping tackle. Brilliant tackle.

26 mins England lineout: they win and go up the middle with Mills on the crash ball. England go wave after wave but knock on as Ireland's defence holds firm.

25 mins Another scrum: England get the drive on and the ball pops out, Ireland turn it over and McGrath clears to touch. A bit of a fracas breaks out following that dodgy scrum.

24 mins The scrum is reset: another penalty is awarded as Ireland's front row collapses. The referee says the binding must be correct.

24 mins England go for the scrum. It collapses and must be reset.

23 mins Scrum England: the Red Rose are awarded a free-kick. England opt for the scrum. England win and take pop and goes at Ireland's defence. Ireland concede another penalty for killing the ball at the ruck.

20 mins The lineout is thrown to the tail and misses the jumper. Ireland try to break with a Jackson chip but Walker steals it and drives England forward. Ireland steal it back but then knock on. Scrum Engladn in the Ireland 22.

19 mins Ireland are done for not rolling away at the ruck and Heathcote kicks the penalty to the Ireland corner.


England win the lineout at the tail, and with a wraparound from the front of the lineout, the ball is popped to Robson who breaks the Ireland line and sprints home for another try. Heathcote misses the converion.

England U20 12-3 Ireland U20

16 mins Ireland scrum: Conan tries to pick but he is done for holding on. Heathcote clears long to touch.

15 mins England break up the middle with Mills. Ireladn turn it over at the next ruck and kick long. Yarde receives and takes back toward Ireland. He knocks on in contact.

14 mins England then spin wide left. Jackson comes up into the line to make the interception but knocks on, a few inches taller and he would have taken that with ease.

13 mins Scannell picks and goes. Then Ireland break left with Hanrahan. The ball goes forward and England break wide right with Mills.

12 mins Watson boots the mark to touch. Ireland win the lineout and go to a crash ball in the middle of the park.

12 mins Shane Leyden is down receiving attention - he took a knock to the shoulder.

12 mins England box kick long and Ireland receive and return the favour. Watson takes the mark in his 22.

11 mins Ireland lineout: Henderson knocks on and England secure.

10 mins Ireland receive the kick-off then kick deep to England. Robson knocks on. In fact, England are done for offisde. Jackson kicks the penalty to touch.


Ireland have been awarded a penalty for a push off the ball. From near halfway, Jackson lines up the kick. He nails it, Ireland are off the mark.

England U20 7-3 Ireland U20

8 mins Ireland win the lineout at the tail. Ball is brought back for an injury to McGrath.

7 mins Scrum Ireland in their own 22: the ball is put in and secured at the base by Conan. England snuffle him to ground and McGrath box kicks, but fails to make touch. England run it back, but are done for holding on at the ruck. Jackson kicks the penalty to touch.

6 mins England recycle and go blind down the left, but the ball goes forward in the past.

5 mins England back on the attack now. They win a penalty and kick for the corner. They win their own lineout and maul it into the corner. England then play wide and Heathcote beats a tackle and makes it into the 22, Leyden hauls him down.


England kick-off, Ireland receive and then belt it back at the England boys. The Red Rose set the ruck in midfield and spin wide right early on. A switch move in midfield sends fullback Anthony Watson streaming through the middle, two Ireland tacklers fall off and he sprints home under the posts. Tom Heathcote converts with ease.

England U20 7-0 Ireland U20

2005 Action is underway.

2004 And now for God Save the Queen, pretty decent version actually. Falsetto voices are so hot right now.

2003 National anthem time in Adams Park as Ireland's Call is belted out - serious Dary O'Gill and the Little People rendition going on.

2001 Action in London is not far away now. Teams should be out on the pitch before too long.

1952 Stat attack: So, Ireland won the Grand Slam in 2007, and also won a championship in 2010. David Pollock, Cian Healy and Keith Earls were part of that 2007 team. The 2010 team was captained by Rhys Ruddock. Ireland lost out on the 2010 Grand Slam due to a 20-15 defeat to France.

1951 Brian O'Driscoll: Very best of luck to the Ireland U20's playing for a grand slam tonight. Best of luck boys. #CmonIreland

1944 Tonight the Ireland Under-20s are gunning for the Six Nations championship trophy. If they win it will be their third championship in six years, and a second Grand Slam, the last coming in 2007. Their last title was won in 2010.

Coach Mike Ruddock has made two personnel changes to the Ireland team for tonight's battle. Loosehead prop Des Merrey gets his first start of the Championship, having been used as a replacement in each of the previous four games. Kyle McCall moves to the tighthead side of the scrum with Niall Scannell named at hooker having missed the previous game through injury.

If Ruddock's side wins the match, they win the championship. If they lose, they lose the championship, as England has a superior points difference, handing Rob Hunter's outfit a second successive championship.

Bath out-half Tom Heathcote comes into the home side, England's fifth number 10 of the championship, while Gloucester's Ryan Mills returns at inside centre and there are first starts for Sale Sharks' Will Addison and London Wasps prop Alec Hepburn.

ENGLAND U-20: Anthony Watson (London Irish); Marland Yarde (London Irish), Will Addison (Sale Sharks), Ryan Mills (Gloucester), Charlie Walker (Harlequins); Tom Heathcote (Bath), Dan Robson (Gloucester); Alec Hepburn (London Wasps), Koree Britton (Gloucester), Kyle Sinckler (Harlequins), Tom Price (Leicester Tigers), Dom Barrow (Leeds Carnegie), Matt Kvesic (Worcester Warriors), Chris Walker (Leeds Carnegie) (capt), Jack Clifford (Harlequins).

Replacements: Nathan Morris (London Wasps), Luke Cowan-Dickie (Exeter Chiefs), Ross Harrison (Sale Sharks), George Merrick (Harlequins), David Sisi (London Irish), Ben Spencer (Saracens), Sam Hill (Exeter Chiefs), Ben Ransom (Saracens).

IRELAND U-20: Shane Layden (Buccaneers/Connacht); Conor Finn (Buccaneers/Connacht), Chris Farrell (Dungannon/Ulster), JJ Hanrahan (UL Bohemians/Munster), Foster Horan (Lansdowne/Leinster); Paddy Jackson (Dungannon/Ulster) (capt), Luke McGrath (UCD/Leinster); Des Merrey (Clontarf/Leinster), Niall Scannell (Dolphin/Munster), Kyle McCall (Ballynahinch/Ulster), Iain Henderson (Queen's University/Ulster), Daniel Qualter (Buccaneers/Connacht), Conor Gilsenan (UCD/Leinster), Aaron Conneely (Corinthians/Connacht), Jack Conan (Old Belvedere/Leinster).

Replacements: James Rael (Garryowen/Munster), Peter Reilly (Lansdowne/Leinster), Jake Cawley (Old Belvedere/Leinster), Tadhg Beirne (Lansdowne/Leinster), Jordan Coghlan (UCD/Leinster), Kieron Marmion (Corinthians/Connacht), Cathal Marsh (Dublin University/Leinster), Stuart Olding (Belfast Harlequins/Ulster).

Referee: Claudio Blessano (Italy).
Assistant referees: Stefano Marrama, Simone Boaretto (both Italy).
Television match official: Alan Falzone (Italy)/