Donncha O'Callaghan believes rugby is in a "dangerous place" and rule changes are required to make it more attractive.

Speaking on RTÉ's Game On, the former Munster and Ireland second row outlined concerns about the sport as the autumn international period winds down.

"This weekend, I was disillusioned with rugby because I watched all the games and it was really, really poor," he said, having viewed fixtures in both hemispheres.

"I think we're in a negative swirl at the moment with rugby and I think we need a little bit of help with a few rule changes because the game is stacked in a negative way to reward defence."

He added: "I think rugby is in a dangerous place at the moment. Rugby's not good to watch.

"If I was coaching the Under-7s, you'd always say to kids afterwards, 'Make sure to go home and watch the international'. I'd tell them to go watch Peppa Pig or something else because rugby at the weekend was really poor."

In terms of potential rule changes, he pointed to stopping the clock and stop giving free-kicks at scrum time to prevent the game being slowed down.

He also put the spotlight on people joining the ruck after it's been set.

"I think as soon as the ball's available, it needs to be played," he added.

"One simple fix this weekend: Just make people be a yard back on the hindmost foot."    

O'Callaghan also touched on Ireland's Autumn Nations Cup campaign and feels head coach Andy Farrell has been positive in the sense of giving minutes to emerging players. 

"I think Andy Farrell's doing a brilliant job of growing our squad. He's the first coach we've had - and maybe the autumn internationals not involving ranking points has helped him - who has blooded within a calendar year and not waited for a summer tour go give guys a few token caps," he said.