Leinster backs coach Felipe Contepomi believes that his former Argentina team-mate Agustín Pichot is the right man to develop rugby on a global scale.

World Rugby vice-chairman Pichot is challenging incumbent Bill Beaumont in World Rugby's election for the chairmanship.

Pichot, who won 71 caps for the Pumas and has served as a World Rugby vice-chairman under former England skipper Beaumont for the last four years, has promised radical change if elected chairman.

The Argentine has already won the backing of the New Zealand and Australian rugby unions and Contepomi believes that, if elected, he would take the game forward and would help expand rugby internationally.

Speaking on the RTÉ Rugby podcast, Contepomi said: "He [Pichot] likes to be heard and he has a strong personality. I know him and I know him quite well and I have always admired that he genuinely wants rugby to be a global sport.

"He genuinely wants rugby to be taken to every corner of the world, the same way that a long time ago he wanted rugby to be taken to every corner of Argentina.

"That's genuine and that’s his main thing. Even if he doesn’t get to the top, he’ll be around, he’s only 45 or 46-years-old.

"In rugby changes take a bit of time and if we are not ready yet we’ll have to wait but he’ll still be there trying to propose things to make rugby a more global sport."

"If he gets to the leading role of World Rugby, it’s how he forms the team. You can’t do things by yourself and he could have good ideas but someone has to bring them down to earth and see if they can be manageable.

"You need a lot of people working together and that’s the main thing, do we have enough people convinced to be able to drive the changes he wants?"

On the domestic front, Contepomi is focused on trying to help Leinster navigate the current coronavirus crisis and keeping his players fit and ready for a return to action - whenever that may be.

The Leinster coach sees an opportunity in the enforced break and is looking for every way to 'add value' to his side, even if they are unable to train or meet face to face.

He said: "The S&C [strength and conditioning] and medical staff are doing a great job of keeping most of the players up to the best fitness they can be at, at the moment. They are doing individual training, being checked by GPS and all the stuff that they do.

"As a coach I think that the key at this time is to be creative and find other ways and get on top of how, when you resume and you come back, to avoid looking backwards and making an excuse that the pandemic made us stop.

"You want to look back and say 'we used the time wisely and as much as we could'. You need to add value, if not you are just doing things for the sake of them. We’ve been having some crossovers with a team in New Zealand and their coaching staff.

"With the backs unit we’ve been doing Zoom sessions and I mostly try to split them in groups so they can have a time to share and talk and give their input."

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