Simon Zebo was in reflective mood following his return to Thomond Park to face Munster for the first time since leaving in 2018.

Zebo started at full-back for Racing 92 in the enthralling 21-21 draw in Pool 4 of the European Champions Cup impressing throughout in both attack and defence as the game went right to the death in Limerick.

It was, however, that return to Limerick, that had caused him to experience something that he never had before.

"It was very strange coming home to play here as an opponent," he told RTÉ Sport. 

"I had to get used to it once the whistle blew, but yeah, strange. I am happy that fixture is done because I was really, really nervous."

With the dust settling on the match between his past and his present, it was the future that was on his mind: "I'll have to talk with my family and see how things are, enjoy my rugby and life in Paris.

"Obviously Munster is my home and I love Munster to bits and I always will.

"I’d come back as the kit man.

"There will always be a tie with me and Munster rugby, I love the place so much. But I’m unsure of my future, I love Racing and Paris at the moment so whatever happens, happens."

A return home would obviously mean that Zebo might once again be lining out in green but it is not something that is foremost in his thinking at the moment. 

"Anyone who plays professional rugby would love to represent their country and me included. But I have to focus on doing my best for Racing and let the rest take care of itself."