After a Six Nations campaign that did not go well, Ireland's confidence levels have taken a bit of a hit.

The hope is that Joe Schmidt's side will be re-energised by the time they open their World Cup campaign against Scotland on 22 September.

For Eddie O'Sullivan it's the worry that the "confidence thing" might still be the issue by the time the Irish squad arrive in Japan.

Speaking on Against The Head, the former national coach said: "Everything is fixable from a technical point of view. It's the confidence thing that's the problem.

"When the squad drives in the gates of Carton House again in the summer, everything that was in the Six Nations comes flooding back. You can't just write it off, it's just a fact of life.

"The problem is even if they have decent warm-up games, that's not the real deal. You don't know until you get to the tournament.

"You saw in this Six Nations that when a team starts to slide in confidence during a tournament it's very hard to address it. Believe me, I know."

"The only good thing is that this has happened in the Six Nations. If it happened during the World Cup, well then it's a different story. In the moment it's very hard to stop it.

"We've had the re-sets after the England game. Was it really a re-set? The French game was a false dawn. The reality again hit home. It's a confidence issue and it can be very unquantifiable.

"You can flick a switch and hope it improves. At the moment it seems to be getting worse."