The French Rugby Federation are proposing changes to rules of rugby tackling, including lowering the legal height of a tackle to waist level.

The move comes after the death of Stade Francais teenager Nicolas Chauvin ten days ago.

Chauvin, a 19-year-old flanker in the Stade academy, broke his neck during an Under-21 game. He suffered a cardiac arrest and brain damage, dying of his injuries three days later.

The death has led to some soul searching within France, with a rugby editorial within L'Equipe claiming that 'the sport kills'.

A meeting of the FFR and the National Rugby League was held in France along with Bill Beaumont, President of World Rugby.

While no decision were agreed at the meeting, the FFR and LNR proposed rule changes for the tackle.

Bernard Laporte, President of the FFR said: "The health of our players is an absolute priority for us. Our game must evolve fundamentally and rugby must become a game of movement where avoidance overrides the impact. For this, it is important to change attitudes and change the rules, especially on tackling.

"First by informing and training our players on the rules of the game and, beyond the technique, make them aware that they are also the actors of their own safety.

"The FFR and the NRL have therefore proposed to World Rugby an evolution of the rules by lowering the line of plating at the level of the belt, prohibiting the two-player tackle and tackle head-to-head.

"The tackler will have to bend if he comes to tackle, at the risk of being penalized. We have also proposed to World Rugby to experiment with these new rules on our amateur competitions. "