Ian Ritchie has confirmed England's top rugby clubs will seek new investment but selling a majority stake in the Gallagher Premiership is "not the preferred option".

Chairman Ritchie revealed Premiership Rugby would now listen to all offers for investment into the English domestic top flight, following a takeover offer from private equity firm CVC Capital Partners.

Premiership Rugby voted unanimously to seek new investment in Tuesday's board meeting in London, leaving chief executive Mark McCafferty anticipating quick movement on a potential deal.

England's top clubs do not however want to sell on a majority stake in the Premiership, and will attempt to retain overall control of the product.

"We had a very positive board discussion and considered a range of alternatives to accelerate investment in the club game," said Ritchie.

"The board was unanimous on how to proceed and agreed that selling a majority stake was not the preferred option.

"We shall now develop these options further with our advisors and the interested parties ahead of the next board meeting.

"This is all about how do we engage further in growing from a strong base into something that develops even further?

"And obviously investment, whether it be in stadia, in digital content, in a whole variety of areas, is something that then gives us an opportunity to catapult into the next stage.

"But again, control is something that by and large we would want to keep within the clubs."

Former Formula One owners CVC Capital Partners have reportedly tabled a €308m bid for a 51% stake in Premiership Rugby.

Tuesday's board agreement means Premiership bosses will now set about investigating further the potential to sell a minority stake in the organisation.

The Premiership's clubs would stand to receive a multi-million pound windfall from any investment deal, which would help offset financial losses surrounding increasing revenues including player wage inflation.

Chief executive McCafferty believes Premiership Rugby can now set about brokering the best possible deal in full confidence of club support, following Tuesday's board meeting.

"Ian (Ritchie) and I have a good mandate from today about what the shareholders want to see," said McCafferty.

"So that's given us exactly the clarity we want.

"I think you know us well enough that one of the things we don't do is hang around.

"Now we would be looking to move to the next stage relatively quickly, because there's a lot of opportunities out there in terms of what we want to do to grow the business.

"And there's no point in hanging around if you can put the right kind of deal together.

"Our shareholders are great in that once they are aligned, they want things to happen quickly. Which is great. They are great backers of the clubs.

"They are ready to make some of the investments they need to do at club level to improve that experience for the fans and TV and so forth.

"So I think we're looking forward to it."