David Pocock said Israel Folau's beliefs about homosexuality will not split the Australia camp, adding, "you're never going to get everyone on the same page when it comes to issues like that".

Folau, a fundamentalist Christian, has posted on social media that homosexuals will go to "hell" if they did not "repent".

Pocock is a supporter of marriage equality and admits he has very different personal views to Folau, but - ahead of the Wallabies' first Test against Ireland this Saturday - he insisted fears of a rift are misplaced.

"I think a lot more has been made of it outside the team than in the team. We're all adults," said Pocock. 

"We talk about it to each other. We've got no personal issues. I don't see that being a problem.

"It's an ongoing conversation. I chatted to him last year before the (Australian marriage law) postal survey and then when we caught up a few weeks ago. I don't think we need to take our positions and not be able to talk to people with different beliefs. 

"You'd hope that being in the same team, if those things come up in conversation, you can chat about it and see where the other person is coming from. We've all got very different backgrounds. You're never going to get everyone on the same page when it comes to issues like that."

Of more concern to Pocock was the challenge posed by the tourists.

Ireland come into this tour oozing confidence and hungry to close out a magnificent year on a high. Pocock is wary.

"They're an outstanding team. Their back row is very balanced. They get through a huge amount of work and their team really looks to them in attack and defence.

"They've had an incredible year, in the Six Nations and then with Leinster doing the double. They'll have a lot of confidence, a lot of match fitness. That's the challenge for us, getting everything together and being good to go in that first Test."

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