The chairman of Ireland’s bid to host the 2023 World Cup, Dick Spring, is determined to ensure their efforts are of ‘Rolls Royce’ quality.

Ireland is up against France and South Africa to host the event in seven years’ time, and the IRFU yesterday unveiled it’s bid plans, with Brian O’Driscoll part of the announcements, while actor Liam Neeson narrated the promotional video.

And former Tánaiste and Irish rugby international Spring told RTÉ Radio One today of the work ahead for the RWC 2023 Bid Oversight Board, which liaises with the IRFU and the Irish Government and the Northern Ireland executive.

Spring said: “The next number of months will be our interaction with the rugby world board – the council putting the bid together.

“There’s a huge questionnaire. I mean the detail required and the interchange of information between ourselves and the board will be phenomenal.

“There will be a lot of work to be done over the next few months. During this period there will be site visits by the rugby world board in March and then the exchange of views over the next few months, with a major decision to be made in November.

“We’ll be making a formal presentation in London in September and then the announcement will be made in November.

“But we’ve got to just stay at the wheel. This is going to be very competitive. We’ve got to put the best foot forward and to make sure that our bid is absolutely Rolls Royce quality.”