By Brendan Cole

Munster rugby head coach Anthony Foley has said that it is "unfortunate" that a document detailing players’ individual strengths and weaknesses has been leaked.

Last Wednesday, an email intended for the management team was accidentally sent to every player in the Munster squad.

Players were notified within an hour that the email had been sent to them through human error.

Aspects of the report were revealed in this weekend’s Sunday Independent, though the paper did not name any players.

Some details, including some of the more colourful descriptions of some individual players, have been disputed by sources the Munster camp.

But Munster have accepted that the leak occurred and Foley addressed the issue at a media briefing today.

He said: “This is an ongoing rolling document, so it's already obsolete. We sit around, we talk about our players and their performance on a given date. We try to point out players' strengths and weaknesses. It's something that is standard practice.”

Commenting on how players might have reacted to the information, Foley said: “That's only one aspect of the document, but you [a player] would wonder would you have seen this information. Once you're satisfied that it was human error, the information was accurate and the coaches could stand over it, I would accept it.”

He added: "It will never, ever happen again. It's unfortunate that it's out in the public domain, something that we do behind closed doors to make us better."

Rumours of a possible legal ramifications of the release had swirled on message boards and social media.

Speaking at the same press conference, Munster CEO Garrett Fitzgerald added that the province had taken necessary steps to ensure there would be no ongoing problem including contacting the Data Commissioner.

He said: “There was a full review of what happened and we're completely satisfied it was a human error, and we have taken all the steps necessary to address the issue and to make sure it doesn't happen again.

"The key thing is that it is a data protection issue and, with proper legal advice from our solicitors Ronan Daly Jermyn, we did notify the office of the Data Commissioner, as is the correct thing to do.

"They came back to us and confirmed that they were happy that we met all the criteria in how we managed what actually happened and what we have done with it.

"They've registered the letter and accepted it and they don't intend to take any further action on it at this point in time."