By Tadhg Peavoy

Former Ireland head coach Eddie O'Sullivan has categorically denied that he has accepted the post of director of rugby with the Cyprus national team.

Earlier reports from Cyprus Rugby Federation secretary Andreas Iounnou had linked O'Sullivan with the role.

However, the Corkman, who coached Ireland between 2001 and 2008, and held the same position with USA for two periods, rubbished the reports, saying that they were totally untrue and erroneous.

O'Sullivan told RTÉ Sport: "It's absolutely false and misleading.

"I came out to Cyprus at the request of their rugby union to watch their game against Bulgaria and give some advice on their structures for a few days to relax and watch them play and give them advice, nothing more than that.

"I'm heading back home to Ireland tomorrow. So there's absolutely no truth to the rumour whatsoever."

O'Sullivan was keen to state that he is still working with the Irish Olympic Handball Association as a high performance advisor, but that is the only role he is currently associated with.

President of Cyprus rugby Laurence Vasiliades has also denied the reports which circulated in the press in Cyprus, as well as on ESPN.

Vasilides said: "We invited Eddie to come down to Cyprus and see our team, see our structures, and give us some tips on our team as we work towards World Cup qualifiers.

"The press interpreted things wrong. We don't have a director of rugby. We just asked Eddie to give us some time, pointers and help us on our way."