Paul and Gary O'Donovan claimed a silver medal in the Lightweight Double Sculls at the European Championships in Glasgow. 

It was Norway who took gold in 6:20.85, with the Cork brothers holding off Italy to take second in a time of 6:22.84.  

"It was a tough ould race," Gary O'Donovan told RTÉ Sport afterwards. 

"We're feeling pretty shagged now but we'll recover in time. We gave it a good old go; the Norwegians were just too quick.

"We planned to keep within touching distance of them within the first 500m. The plan then was to move through towards the kilometre mark. We gained a lot on the Norwegians but they were just a bit fitter and stronger today,"

His brother Paul added: "I'm a little but disappointed with silver but we know the Norwegians are pretty good. The main focus for the year now will be the World Championships.

"There's a lot to do over the next few weeks but that will provide some motivation at least."