The O'Donovan brothers Paul and Gary powered to victory in their lightweight double sculls A semi-final at the World Cup Regatta in Belgrade on Saturday.

The Skibbereen pair edged out Poland, a second behind them, and Belgium as they booked their spot in the final, where they will face crews from Switzerland, Poland, Austria, Canada and Belgium.

Sanita Puspure also earned a place in the women’s single sculls A final after taking second in her semi-final. Both Puspure's and the O'Donovans' finals take place on Sunday.

Ireland's final female crew of Denise Walsh and Margaret Cremen were sixth in the second semi-final of the lightweight women's double sculls, meaning the B final awaits them tomorrow morning, again guaranteeing a top 12 overall placing despite their very short time rowing together as a crew.



Pair C final: 1 Hungary 6:55.35, 2 Greece 6:57.73, 3 Ireland (M O’Donovan, S O’Driscoll) 6:59.0, 4 South Africa 7:00.22.

Lightweight Double Sculls semi-final: 1 Ireland (G O’Donovan, P O’Donovan) 6:22.28, 2 Poland 6:22.87, 3 Belgium 6:24.21.


Pair semi-final: 1 Spain 7:35.18, 2 Denmark 7:35.77, 3 Britain Two 7:39.35; 4 Ireland (A Keogh, E Hegarty) 7:42.60.

Double sculls semi-final: Netherlands 7:16.27, 2 Belarus One 7:18.73, 3 Belarus Two 7:23.46; 4 Ireland (A Crowley, M Dukarska) 7:25.60.

Lightweight double sculls semi-final: 1 United States One 7:03.73, 2 Switzerland 7:05.94, 3 Netherlands 7:06.04; 6 Ireland (M Cremen, D Walsh) 7:24.87.  

Single sculls semi-final: 1 Denmark (F Erichsen) 7:24.76, 2 Ireland (S Puspure) 7:25.43, 3 Britain (V Thornley) 7:25.78.