The British Horseracing Authority declined to comment on reports it will consider disqualifying horses whose riders seriously breach whip rules in major races.

Racing's rulers are said to be preparing to publish a revised set of regulations taking into account recommendations from the BHA's whip consultation steering group, with the new rules the end product of a review process that included a public consultation last year.

The report in the Daily Mail suggests that any jump jockey who strikes their mount 12 times in a big race could have their horse disqualified and be suspended for up to a month, with Flat riders penalised in the same way if they were to strike their mount 11 times, although both codes would allow leeway if a rider demonstrates a need to ensure their safety or that of fellow riders.

Jump jockeys are currently limited to eight strikes of the whip with Flat jockeys restricted to seven before punishments are handed out.

In the Grand National in April, winning rider Sam Waley-Cohen was suspended for nine days and fined £400 for using his whip above the permitted level from after jumping the last fence and in the incorrect place on the run to the line.

A date for publication of the report is yet to be announced and a BHA spokesperson said: "The whip report is due for publication in the near future. We will not comment on speculation around its contents."