British Horseracing Authority officials have announced no new positive cases of equine influenza - including those from Rebecca Menzies' yard - have been detected among more than 700 so far processed.

In an update on Saturday afternoon, the BHA said the Animal Health Trust in Newmarket had reported "no further positive samples" following the six previously detected at Donald McCain's stable.

Under the header 'latest information', the BHA's statement read: "The AHT has informed the BHA that it has received approximately 2,100 nasal swabs and tested and reported on 720. So far, other than the six at the yard of Donald McCain already identified, there have been no further positive samples returned.

"This includes the swabs taken from horses at the yard of Rebecca Menzies. One horse - which tested negative - had previously been identified as suspicious and high risk after testing at a different laboratory.

"All these horses will remain under close surveillance, analysis of tests from the yard is ongoing - and testing of the suspicious horses will be repeated."