RTE Racing analyst Ted Walsh has said he will do whatever he can in order to continue sending horses to Britain ahead of a crunch week in the Brexit crisis.

The fate of the United Kingdom's exit from the EU is uncertain ahead of a House of Commons vote on Prime Minister Theresa May's deal.

A no-deal Brexit remains a significant possibility. 

Walsh has discussed the likely tailbacks and delays at ports when traveling to England with Irish horses and the affect it would have on the animals.

He fears the relationship Ireland has with Britain will sour considerably.

The trainer said on RTÉ One’s Claire Byrne Live: "It's a complete cock-up. Whatever walk of life you are in, to go back is not a good thing. I think this is going back.

"We didn't make this scenario, but we're going to pay for it. I have no doubt about it.

"We rely on them. They have been good neighbours but we rely on them for most of our exports, a lot of imports and a lot of jobs for people.

"They have been a good nation but invariably they have been able to kick us up the rear end whenever they wanted to."

Walsh said there is no doubt it will deeply hamper Ireland and puts jobs in the training and breeding industry in jeopardy.

He said of his own approach: "I'm not a whinger. I think I'll get over it, get around it or get under it, whatever has to be done.

"We'll get over Brexit. We got over worse and we'll get over Brexit."