Conditions at Epsom remain on the slow side of good after a second dry day, but the forecast leading up to the two-day Investec Derby Festival remains unpredictable.

Clerk of the course Andrew Cooper revised the going from good to soft, good in places to good, good to soft places on Monday afternoon, but there is the possibility of showers before early Tuesday morning.

The prospect of rain is also up in the air right through to Friday.

"We've had a hot, dry Monday but from late afternoon right through to breakfast time tomorrow morning we're going to be potentially at risk of seeing some showers in this area," he said.

"The week as a whole has still got an unsettled and uncertain look about it.

"You could find potential for rain or showers on any day this week, certainly up to and including Friday.

"They are going to be hit and miss and with warmish weather in between.

"Wednesday has been flagged up as having potentially more rain around. Again, its going to be showery in nature and you wouldn't have confidence in what was going to happen weather wise.

"Ground wise we've dried a bit today as you'd expect. We're just on the slow side of good overall.

"We'll have to see what the weather does over the next couple of days.

"It's not as if we're fast at the moment, needing rain. We can afford to have a couple of dry days and still be in the realms of nice ground."

At present there is no question of Cooper having to water the track.

"We're fortunate we're on the slow side of good rather already than being fast and worrying whether it will rain or not," he said.

"With ground conditions as they are and with that forecast there is no question of us doing anything for a while this week, if it all, which is ideal obviously."

In an ideal world, Cooper would be hoping for good, fast summer ground come Derby day.

"I think, as Flat racecourses, we are aiming for good to firm ground, although there is an acceptance in the same instruction that says if there is a meeting of more than one day, it is perfectly acceptable to start on good ground," he said.

"We tend to do that for the Friday and if it stays dry, it will be good to firm on the Saturday.

"Ideally, Flat racing ground is what you'd call good, good to firm places - the fast side of good. That is generally acceptable to most people. It's summer Flat racing and should be racing on good, fast ground."