With the Irish public being urged to maintain social distancing and self-isolate if required, we are increasingly looking for movies to watch, books to read and rooms to clean.

RTÉ Sport is speaking to our sports stars and asking how they're using their time and tweaking their training routines to stay fit and healthy.

Today, it's the turn of Irish Paralympian Michael McKillop.

What's the first thing you do in the morning?

I fight the dogs off me due to my wife letting them up the stairs to wake me up.  

What’s your favourite exercise?

Getting out onto the quiet country roads and getting my training done. Trying to continue my normal routine as best as possible.

Is there one particular skill you practice every day?

At this moment in time, the one skill I currently try and improve every day is my Fifa playing ability.

Netflix and chill or a nice evening jog?

Due to my sport being distance running, I would prefer to sit back in the evening and watch a good documentary with my wife.

Name one book you want to read.

I am currently trying to educate myself slightly, so I’m reading books from the Harvard Business School on managing people.

On a scale on 1 to 10, how good are your DIY skills?

I would probably say a disappointing 4 out of 10, my excuse is I don’t have the right equipment.

Do you have a favourite pre-training meal to help you through a tough session?

Currently at the moment, my wife is working from home and she a fantastic cook. So I am being looked after quite well so she makes me some poached eggs on homemade wheaten bread with chorizo & spinach.

Name one movie you want to watch?

I would like to watch The Greatest Showman for the 10th time, but currently it’s been taken off Sky Cinema.

What’s the best way to stave off boredom?

If it’s during the day I log online to play Fifa, but in the evening I love to bake some treats with my wife.

Have you any tips for training at home?

I would make sure to enjoy yourself and set small goals to achieve each day. Whether that’s running an extra five mins or doing an extra 10 sit ups or baking a bigger or more advanced cake.

Name one documentary you want to see.

At the moment, I am watching 'The Last Dance' documentary about the 1997/98 Chicago Bulls squad on Netflix, new episodes are being released each week, which is good.

Have you discovered any new music or podcasts?

I wasn’t a fan of podcasts but one of my favourite comedians has started one since lockdown began and it’s an enjoyable listen. Mickey Bartlett for anyone interested.

Is there one piece of housework you can no longer avoid?

I always need to make sure that the kitchen is looked after as it’s where we spend most of our time.

Favourite room of the house to spend time in?

It probably has to be the kitchen, our baking antics are currently going into overload.

Michael McKillop is an Allianz brand ambassador. Allianz in Ireland is a proud sponsor of Paralympics Ireland since 2010 and is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion across the sporting community.