Ireland won 11 medals at the 2016 Paralympics in Rio, including four golds, but the national committee have set out even higher goals in their new strategic plan.

The headline goal is to be in the world top five in terms of medals per capita at Tokyo next year and the top three by 2024.

To achieve this Paralympics Ireland plan to build an effective high performance system based on identifying and focusing on priority sports and elite athletes.

They hope to build long-term success by creating a sustainable Paralympics Ireland model and building the profile of the organisation in Ireland.

According to the strategic plan to be launched at 11am this morning, seen by RTÉ Sport, the high performance aspect of the plan will be base don the following.

  • Prioritising resource – people and financial - in sports with a higher probability of providing a return on that investment 
  • Building Talent ID and athlete pipeline systems that enable PI to continually develop future generations of elite Para-Athletes
  • Creating an athlete centred approach to enable them to achieve personal bests, medal winning performances and develop their ability to perform on demand 
  • Implementing high quality planning processes, systems and supports for priority sports 
  • Cultivating an elite performance culture and mindset across everyone involved within the programme
  • Developing the coaches within the system to become world class
  • Continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible through innovative thinking and leaving no stone unturned in our pursuit of a competitive edge.

Sports will be categorised as Gold, Silver or Bronze, which will determine the investment they receive. These rankings will be based by factors including the ambition of the sport, the profile of its athletes, the quality of coaches, its record of success and quality of governance within the sport.

The Gold level sports at present are ParaSwimming, Para-Athletics and Para-Cycling.

According to the strategy, the aim of Paralympics Ireland is "to maintain these sports as Gold Para Sports. All other sports will be encouraged to strive to reach Gold Level as they improve their structures in line with the criteria" as set out above.

Away from the field of play, the plan also lays out plans for driving leadership in Para Sport, creating a sustainable Paralympics Ireland model while building the committee's profile.

In introducing the plan, CEO of Paralympics Ireland Miriam Malone said: "This plan highlights the exciting possibilities that lie in the future recognising that it will take a great effort to achieve the success we are aiming for. I look forward to exploring those possibilities and working with our dedicated staff, board and partners to bring it into reality."