Ireland's Jason Smyth has won the gold medal in the T13 100m event at the London Paralympics in a world record time.

Smyth defended his crown with a comprehensive win as he obliterated the field following a stunning start.

Smyth smashed his own world record in the heats with a time of 10.54 and he took a further 0.08 off his new record with a scintillating 10.46 in the final.

Cuba’s Luis Felipe Gutierrez took silver in 11.02 and South Africa’s Jonathan Ntutu took bronze in 11.03.

Draped in an Irish flag which declared him the 'fastest Paralympian on the planet', he said: "Coming in as champion, you are under pressure to retain your titles so thankfully I was able to do that.

"It was an added bonus to run quickly and break the world record again.

"I've put in so much hard work. People already had the medal around my neck before I started so you can't really go beyond what's expected.

"It's probably easier to get to the top to start with, but then having to come back and retain your titles is definitely that little bit harder. Now I've got to keep focused for the 200m.

"To be in that stadium with 80,000 people, half of them seeming like they're Irish cheering, and even the British were really supportive, makes the whole Games a lot better."

Asked if it made up for his Olympic absence, he said: "It was very disappointing to be so close, I had put in a lot of hard work to try and get there and it would have been fantastic to be here, but there's definitely something sweeter about coming to a major event, succeeding and coming away with the gold medal."