Athletes have been invited to an event in Ankara next month where they can sample "the future of Modern Pentathlon," according to the sport’s governing body.

Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne (UIPM) made the announcement on Tuesday that plans to replace riding with Obstacle Discipline will continue with a competition to take place across the weekend of 27-28 June.

UIPM’s New 5th Discipline Test Event, which will occur immediately after the Pentathlon World Cup final, will involve two to four athletes racing each other over a course of up to 100 metres with up to 10 obstacles.

These obstacles are set to include "monkey bars" and a "Tsunami curved wall" despite plenty of opposition from Olympic and world modern pentathlon medallists earlier this month when several signed a letter that called for the International Olympic Committee to step in and solve the "crisis" in the sport.

"Pentathletes of all ages and Obstacle Discipline specialists have been invited to sample the future of Modern Pentathlon," a UIPM statement read.

"In the biggest shake-up of the Olympic sport in its 110-year history, Obstacle Discipline is poised to replace Riding after the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

"Now athletes have been invited to run, walk, climb, crawl, slither, scramble or otherwise propel themselves to the finish line of a bespoke course in Ankara (TUR) next month.

"If approved in UIPM 2022 Congress, the change promises to reduce the cost and complexity of Modern Pentathlon at the Olympic Games, adding to the commercial value of Los Angeles 2028 and future Games. It promises to make the sport more exciting to watch and more globally accessible, popular and sustainable."

There will be separate categories for under-19, junior and senior pentathletes and another for "experienced obstacle discipline athletes" with invitations for the Fifth Discipline Test Event sent out on Tuesday.