Irish Olympian Jack Woolley has said he is recovering from surgery after being assaulted in Dublin city centre in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Woolley, who represented Ireland in Taekwondo at the Tokyo Olympics, was hospitalised after an attack which took place on the Grattan Bridge.

The Olympian underwent surgery and recounted his ordeal to Morning Ireland in RTÉ Radio 1 this morning.

"After a meal and a few drinks with my friends - I haven't seen them since I came back from Tokyo - I was just walking down the street in Dublin next to the Liffey and turned around to check if they were okay because I heard a bit of noise.

Woolley was taken to St James's Hospital after the attack

"When I turned back around to look there was a few people on the road. One of them just turned and hit me and apologised and said 'oh sorry, wrong person' and continued on their way down then to, unfortunately, assault other people then on the road.

"A lot of people were asking questions like 'how come you didn't defend yourself?' but it was literally one punch.

"A ring connected with my front teeth, bust my lip open. At the time, the best thing to do was just get safe, find somewhere that I could safely call an ambulance and just get seen to.

"I feel a bit embarrassed over it, but I could have got a lot worse. If I retaliated, God knows what would have happened because I know there was a lot more people in worse states.

"I was the first one I recall being attacked and I was the last one put in an ambulance, that's how bad the other injuries must have been."

Woolley disclosed that he had his lip reconstructed as the upper lip had "completely come off", requiring stitches.

"There was a hole in my face. At the time it wasn't sore at all, there was a lot of adrenaline going on.

"It wasn’t until after surgery and the comedown off the anesthetic that it started to be a little bit more tender a little bit more painful."

Woolley said his injuries were improving and expressed a desire to return to training "as quick as possible".

He added: "I don’t want my life to stop over a freak accident."

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