British sports fans appear ready to re-embrace live events after a UK Sport survey revealed 97 per cent of spectators are prepared to attend again.

The Government's roadmap to ease restrictions following the coronavirus pandemic will see gates open at stadia and arenas up and down the country in the coming months.

Leicester's FA Cup semi-final triumph over Southampton at Wembley on Sunday had 4,000 fans in attendance.

That figure is set to double for this weekend's Carabao Cup final clash between Manchester City and Tottenham, with the roadmap soon allowing supporters into other venues across plenty of sports.

A UK Sport survey asked more than 50,000 fans if they would be comfortable returning to major sporting events in the future - with 97% saying they would.

The main worry from the respondents to the survey appears to be travelling to and from an event -with 60 per cent saying the need to take public transport would possible stop them from attending.

A statement released by UK Sport alongside their survey findings read: "Within the next four months, as technology, science and public understanding advances rapidly in relation to appropriate Covid mitigation methods, the message to event organisers is that safety measures are important to spectators.

"The measures that are most trusted and habitualised in wider society at the time of the event will likely be what fans will look for to feel more confident to attend."