Participation and attendance at women's sport have grown in the past two years, according to research carried out by the 20x20 campaign.

The organisation wound up its two-year campaign today, marking the finale with seminars attended by the likes of Martina Navratilova and Sonia O'Sullivan.

While awareness has also risen, the campaign's found media coverage still "lags behind" men's sport. 

The coronavirus pandemic has played havoc with the global sporting calendar and women's sport in Ireland is no different, with the camogie, football, soccer and basketball seasons delayed or postponed, as well as the Olympics and Paralympics being postponed until next summer.

Despite this, research by Behaviour & Attitudes on behalf of 20x20 found that 80% of Irish adults - rising to 84% of Irish men - believe they are more aware of women’s sport now, than before the 20x20 campaign launched two years ago.

Three-quarters of those surveyed also say they believe that women’s sport is seen as 'cooler'. Of those aware of the campaign, 73% - rising to 75% of men - say that 20x20 changed their mindset positively towards girls and women in sport, with 68% stating they support women in sport more because of 20x20, and 42% of women saying they now participate in more sport because of the movement.

Participation grew by 13% while attendance in women's sport increased by 17% during this period.

The Nielsen research on media coverage found online coverage of women's sport went from 4% to 5% during the campaign, with print coverage dedicated to women’s sport going from 3% to 6% by the end of 2019.

RTÉ Sport Online's women's sports coverage has accounted for 9% of our content from January to October 2020, according to our own internal measurement.

TV coverage of women’s sport meanwhile saw a 40% decrease in the same period. Despite the decline in coverage levels, audience of women’s sport on TV grew from 7% in 2018 to 18% in 2019 according to Nielsen.

RTÉ's measurement of our own sport content places women's sport at 14% of all television sport content, despite the loss of the Olympics and Paralympics.

More than a quarter of all television sport presentation is done by women (27%), with pundits also number 27%.

In radio, 43% of all sports presentation is done by women, while 17% of pundits are women.